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        RESIDENCIES vary in length from 3 (the "mini") to 90 days. They typically are comprised of two
        or more of the following elements :
        • An
Introductory Concert by Purly for the entire school population, or just the participating grade levels;
• "Core Group" Workshops to make
instruments, write a collective song or learn multi-track recording;
          Core groups work best as small groups (15 students or less) and may focus on one or two grade levels;
          Core groups can be full-classes, but project choice is limited for instrument-making; Core Groups typically meet daily
          during the Residency, and focus on a more in-depth project than 1-time classroom visits afford;
        • Roaming Visit to Individual Classrooms to sing curriculum-related songs, demo various
          instruments, perhaps have hands-on with some instruments, engage in movement activities or make a
          very quick, very simple musical instrument; (activities are always age-appropriate)

        • Teacher In-Service/ Staff Development Workshops
on Using Songs in the Classroom, Songs for
          Spare Moments, Instrument Making in the Classroom or using iPads with the Garage Band app to
          motivate students and enrich your Language Arts curriculum.
        • a
Culminating Event, often called a
"Sharing Session", which can be a partial- or an all-school assembly &/or an
          evening Community Event. This
is the time when the students share what they have learned/made/written
          during the residency.

        Each residency is tailored specifically to fit the needs of the school or venue. Grades pre-K -6.

        For more information on residencies, please contact Purly.
can be booked as stand-alone, partial- or full-day programs. Group size may be limited.

        (You do not need to schedule a residency in order to book workshops, but there will be a minimum number
        number of workshops required.) Workshops may also be booked in conjunction with concerts, which
        which can results in a lower rate for workshop fees.


         Instrument making works best in groups of 15 children or less, and can take place in a classroom
        or any quiet space such as a shop, library or office. It is best to designate one room for the workshops
        and bring the students to that room.
        We will be noisy at times, and may make
sawdust, etc. We need several  large tables, chairs and
        perhaps a few AC outlets. Purly brings all tools
and materials, unless other arrangements are made.
        Sessions can run from 30-90 minutes, depending
on age-level and the specific project(s) undertaken.
        Some projects may require multiple sessions to complete.
        Many of the possible projects are tune-able, and can be played ensemble. All are cool and fun.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Kalimbas, Gr. 2, St. Andrew's, Austin, TX

        Some possible projects include drums (bongos, bucket or shell -or frame-type),

        kalimbas (aka "m’bira"), pan pipes, one-string jug banjos*, washtub or bucket bass,
        rainsticks, marimbas, cuicas, stamping tubes and ear harps.
         Another option is to create a permanent - or moveable - musical
installation, as a residency project.

click here.

                                                                                                                                                                                                               Rice Festival Workshop, Fischer, TX                                                                                                        

                                                                                                                                                                "Brazilian"  Cuica
                                                                                                                                              Library Workshop, Wimberley, TX 

                        Soda box guitars, Hillsboro, NH Rec. Dept. Camp


        Materials used to make the instruments are bought, scavenged, recycled or natural.
        We might use cardboard tubes, bamboo, garden hose, wood, hide, fishing line,

        deli-containers, spring steel, etc. Both the projects and materials are determined by      
        age-level, time and budget.  Grades preK-6                                   .      

                                      Canyon of the Eagles, Burnet Texas, Bongo Workshop                                    Rainsticks, After-School Program, Austin, TX


"Another wonderful four days with you. You do amazing things with children - thank you SO MUCH for
everything!”  Lynda Tallarico, Head Teacher, N. Walpole (NH) Elem

"Great job Purly, thanks lots! We all had a lot of fun, we learned a lot and I have a bunch of new
projects that I can do with my kids.
" Andrew Raeside, Art/Music Teacher/ Residency Coordinator,
Spaulding Youth Center, Tilton, NH

"Great reviews from the boys!  The kiddoes really enjoyed the workshop and have been playing their
instruments at every opportunity.  Thanks so very much for the workshop -  Let us know when
you are back in the area and perhaps we can have that drum workshop...."- Janice Kennemer,
Hill Country CMHMR Center, Kerrville, TX/ Texas Heritage Music Foundation Summer Arts Program

“.....The kids showed a strong interest in making the instruments and playing them. Since they
were so simple, the kids weren’t overwhelmed yet they didn’t get bored. All the instruments were
very creative and I was interested to learn about some of (them) like the cuica and the pan
pipes. Thank you for your time and patience.” - Jason Rigollet, CIT, Kearsarge HS Summer Camp project.

"Thank you again for such a fun time at our school. The kids are still buzzing about their instruments that
they made, and Mr. Flagg (the principal) really enjoyed his instruments too.  He is actually quite good
at them!" Karen Meredith, Boscawen Elementary, NH

”Her easy, open manner and knowledge of her art just naturally draw kids in to participate.”
- teacher, Main Dunstable Elem. School , Nashua, NH

Demonstrations of instrument making and staff-training workshops are also available.
Click here for more info on staff training workshops!


      MAKE A "RADIO PLAY" on an iPAD !
        Combines music, poetry, script-writing, production techniques and excitement to create a short "Radio Play"
        (think: Podcast), using an iPad and imagination. Depending on time-frame and teacher involvement,
        students may write a song, a poem, dialog or pseudo-commercials for 'voice actors'; they may research
        material for 'Joke Time', and practice public speaking - as well as learning a few tricks for sound effects while
        discovering what the amazing world of Multi-track Recording & Editing can do.
        Several classes may collaborate on a single project. Single-class limit for each workshop session,
        which runs 1-3 hours/1-5 days. Click here to listen to an excerpt of the Radio Play from Mtn.View Elem, Elko, NV


        Using iPads (provided by school, venue or participants) with the Garage Band app already installed,
        students are guided through a partial exploration of this deep, intuitive application.
        The group will be led through a step-by-step process to create a multi-track composition.
        Second graders through young adults will delight in creating rhythm and lead tracks -
        no musical experience necessary!
        Students are taught how to make their own recordings of original stories and poems - which provides
        excellent motivation for creative writing AND personal feedback for read-aloud and public speaking skills.        
        Additionally, participants can create a musical "backing track" or sound effects track that first with their
        content. Small group / Workshops range from 1-3 hours / 1-5 days.


With little more than a chalkboard or large paper-pad, a CD-quality recorder (which I provide) and a group
of enthusiastic young folks - we can (1) create a "recycled" song (old melody with new, original lyrics) or
(2) write a totally original song with new, original music and lyrics.
The workshop lasts from 1-5 days, about 45-50 minutes per session, depending on which approach is
taken, budget, time, age-level, etc.This workshop works well with grades 2-5; 4th grade is the preferred
age for song-writing. (Single-class or smaller 'core' groups)
Possible goals are to write a song about a theme/topic from the curriculum; to write a school song;
to write a song about bullying, self-esteem or a topic chosen by the students themselves;  or to write a
song about a community member - to honor that person. 
Usually we record the song during the last session, so that it may be transferred onto an audio CD for
 the school. (This is typically done as part of a residency program.)


        OTHER WORKSHOPS (for those who dare)

        Purly is also available to teach strange and unusual skills such as:

•How to Play a Mouth Trumpet &/or Nose Flute
•Percussion for the Musically-Challenged
•How to Spin the Flat Loop
•The Fine Art of Playing the Washtub Bass
•Accordion Appreciation and other Semi-Extinct Behavior Patterns
•How to Have Fun with a Bucket

        These workshops are offered to ANY age child, 6-96.

        Purly also teaches Beginner & Intermediate Guitar, Ukulele, 5-string Banjo, Accordion,
        Upright and Electric Bass


        FEES, ETC.
        Residencies generally start at $400/day (Concerts, staff-training, materials, travel and lodging are extra);
        Residencies are limited to 5, 45-minute sessions/day with single-class or core-groups only;
        Minimum residency length is 3 days.

        Workshops are variable, depending on how many, length, group size, if a concert is also booked, etc.
        Cost of materials & prep-time is extra; travel and lodging may be charged (depending on miles from home);
        Fees for stand-alone workshops range from $75-125/hour. Staff-training workshops generally start at $150/hr.

        CONTACT PURLY for a specific fee quote: info@purlygates.com

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