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for Professional Development, In-Service, etc.

    These workshops are geared towards educators, librarians, recreational leaders and counsellors who work with
pre-schoolers through elementary-age children. Workshops can be included as part of a residency, or presented
Below you will find descriptions of the workshops, and a few comments on them, as well.

1. "Welcome to the Callithumpian Corral!"

  This is a totally FUN, whimsical, yet profound workshop that runs from 1-3 hours. It's a basic, practical,
hands-on program on how to make simple instruments with groups of young folks. Participants are skillfully
guided on the best use of common materials and simple hand-tools, on how to make and play the instruments;
and they are offered tips on introducing the projects to the children with whom they work as well as teaching
playing techniques. (This is, for sure, a very non-musician-friendly workshop.) Cross-curricular applications are
then brainstormed with the group, as well as ways to adapt the projects for different ages, abilities, group
sizes and time-frames.
We also have a group "jam" on our instruments, if time allows. Hand-outs on each
Instrument made reinforce the learned skills. Some of the possibleprojects include: shakers, straw oboes,
Rainsticks, cuicas, pan pipes, washtub bass, drums, one-string jug banjos, tubaphones, thumb-
pianos (m'biras) and marimbas. How many projects are covered depends on the length of the workshop. 
Comments on this workshop:

Once again your workshop was the hit of the Teachers’ Program.....our participants were eager for the
hands-on experience you gave them.  I would highlight a few points that the attendees seemed to appreciate most.

You combine elements the way teachers must in classroom settings.
They learn quickly to work together,
teach each other, learn by doing and appreciate small differences among us.
Secondly, the process you set
up encourages creativity.
Teachers stepped outside of their starting assumptions. Being able to hear and see
and feel the results is a big plus compared to much of what we learn in continuing professional education.

Third was the variety of skills and information that you provide year after year.
Those of us responsible
for the design of the Teachers’ Professional Development Program have special appreciation for the potential
of the workshops you provide......(T)hankyou for your continuing service to the community."
- Stuart Vexler, PhD., Chairman, Board of Directors, TX Folk Music Foundation/Kerrville Folk Festival

       "I would teach children music, physics and philosophy; but most importantly music, for the patterns of music
and all the arts are the keys of learning"
- Plato



A one-hour workshop that offers a passle of fun and easy songs to fill those transitions.....
Finger plays, call-and-response, singing-games and sure-fire attention-getters and group
energizers to get bodies moving and neurons firing!

Hand-outs contain the lyrics to the songs and a brief description of movements involved. 

        "You are full of so many wonderful ideas and have so much to offer. And you do what you do with such
enthusiasm, and do it so well!"
-Marilyn Coffin, past-pres. NH Music Educator’s Association, Spring Workshop day



This is a 1-2 hour workshop for K-6th grade teachers on how to re-write songs. It’s a hands-on adventure in creating
lyrics to fit pre-existing songs. We work in small or large groups, start with  changing a few lyrics  (“zipper” songs) and move
 into re-writing an entire song. No special musical/singing skills required.
Some possible areas of focus are : Writing Songs
to Teach Content / Writing a School Song / Writing to Encourage Literacy Skills

Post-workshop activities can include a concert with Purly to celebrate the songwriting process and/or an in-school
digital recording session(s) to document student-written songs.



A 1-2 hour workshop on basic-to-intermediate guitar playing, geared to “prime”
educators and group leaders who want to, or already play guitar, enabling them to become  more effective musicians
and song-leaders. Drawing on 40+ years of experience as a guitar teacher (and song leader), I offer tips on using
simple chords, picks and strums; how to choose a good key to sing in; use of a capo; how to transpose easily; how to
introduce new songs to groups of children and/or how to instruct children in guitar playing.

FEES / INFO contact:
Fees are determined by length of workshop and whether it is part of a residency. Group size
may be limited - depending on which workshop is presented. Materials, travel and lodging
(if applicable) are charged separately. Average fees run $125-400 for 1-3 hr. workshops.


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