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Purly Gates' repertoire as a singer/songwriter/educator is as diverse as her
experience from an Earth Day concert at Disney World or a Residency in
Micronesia funded by the National Endowment for the Arts - to national touring
and local prominence. She enchants audiences of all ages, actively engaging
her listeners with relevant, appropriate material covering subjects from peace to
pizza, environment to retirement.

This uniquely energetic and creative singer accompanies herself with
guitar, banjo, accordion, ukelele, harmonica, and umpteen odd or
home-made instruments. Her musical styles range from mostly folk and
swing to old western songs, a touch of blues, bluegrass or even an occasional
And she may do a little story-telling or recite cowboy poetry between songs,
if the time is right......

Purly has given hundreds of performances at schools, libraries, childrens'
museums, camps, recreation centers and festivals from Austin to Boston,
'Frisco to Maui and beyond. She also conducts workshops for children in
instrument-making, songwriting, and multi-track recording as well as
Staff-Training Workshops for teachers, counselors and others involved
         with young folks. Purly's work is well-known and well-respected in the state
of New Hampshire, where partial funding is available through the
NH State Council on the Arts. Since the 1980's she has gained a reputation
as an experienced, skilled and talented professional artist through her work with
folks of all ages around the U.S. She now spends time in both Texas and New Mexico.

Purly was commissioned by the Texas State Library to write a theme song for their
Summer Reading Club. She recorded it in English and Spanish! 
She is a regular performer at the prestigious Kerrville Folk Festival, Youth Concert stage.
Purly has three commercial recordings geared to young folks and families.

Ms. Gates was featured in an article on three Texas "Eco Musicians" in
Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine, May '12 issue.



       School Programs & Professional Development Workshops



"Purly, it was terrific having you here at Mountain View. Our students and staff

thoroughly enjoyed your time here. You are terrific with the students,

and this made for a terrific Cowboy Poetry Week." ~ Mr. Foss, Principal


“Many thanks for your ….. absolutely top drawer performances

for our school kids. Great musicianship and diversity. Thanks so much
for really great work with our kids!”
~ Ms. Scott, 4th gr.

“I thought Purly Gates was fabulous! She did such a great job engaging
my first graders
from start to finish. They loved being able to interact
and sing along with her.”
~ Mrs. Zamudio, 1st gr. .

“We really enjoyed Purly Gates. She was very engaging and
(the) sing-along was fantastic!
~ Mrs. Kim-Failing, 2nd gr.

“I thought Purly Gates’ performance was great! She had control over the kids
so they didn't get out of hand.”
~ Mrs. Sarbacker, 2nd gr.



“Purly Gates has joined us many times.  She engages the children so they feel part of the song.
Purly’s presence is one of joy.  We would highly recommend her to any program looking to
incorporate music into their day.”
~ Melanie Ullman, Director, Keene Day Care Center, Keene, NH

"It was awesome! Thank you for the excellent literary, science, and social
      studies connections to your songs.
  They're catchy, impactful, AND educational.
-A. Braziel, Librarian, Blackshear Elementary School, Austin, TX

"We just had Purly Gates perform for our campus and the students and teachers loved her.
She does unique literacy-themed presentations that are well-organized and geared to the
developmental needs of each grade level. The music is wonderful and truly supports
literacy and life-long learning.
I would recommend her as an event to celebrate Read 
Across America or to kick off a summer reading program."- C. Hicks, Libr., Kocurek Elem, Austin,TX

"Thank YOU for all your work with the kids - they had a BLAST!!!
They are still talking about it"
-M. Prince, Music teacher/5-day Instrument-making residency
coordinator, Canaan Elementary School, Canaan, NH

"Thank you for such a wonderful program that not only entertained but put
positive ideas about reading and being creative into the minds of our 4-6
year olds
at HMD!! The children could really relate to your Dr. Seuss/Cat in the
Hat routine and we all know and LOVE Bill Martin's Brown Bear story!  I was
especially pleased to see that you understand and know what our little ones are
like and what it takes to hold their attention.  You did a fantastic job.  Finally, your
songs were wonderful and it was easy for the children to participate and sing
along. Many of our kids had never seen an accordion or banjo/ukulele played
live! They loved it. I wish you well and hope to see you next year at our school."

-Carol Williams, Kindergarten teacher, HMD Early Childhood Center, Beeville, TX

"Everyone is still talking about you and how much fun YOUNG AUTHOR
DAY was this year!.....
Great performance, excellent rapport with the students.....
thanks for our school song!"
-Sandra Davis, 3rd grade teacher, Tenie Holmes Elem, Bay City, TX
    And from other staff members at Tenie Holmes:
           "More....more.....more.....we want you back" D. Houston
            "Great songs.... children loved the sing-alongs."
            "Terrific, terrific, terrific"  "Superb! Thanks for coming!"
B. Walker, Principal

"Just wanted to say thanks once again for the performance you shared with
our Fern Bluff students, parents, staff and families. Your presentation was
truly a fun and interactive way of making books "come alive" through songs.
Your energy and excitement for reading was contagious!"

-Dr. Elizabeth A. Wilson, Principal, Fern Bluff Elementary, Round Rock, TX

"Great performance today! My 3rd grade class and I really enjoyed your
performance this AM!!! It was so very appropriate for 3,4, and 5th grade students...
reading, writing and diversity!!! Fantastic and timely.
Karen DuFresne, Franklin Elem School, Keene, NH

   And from other staff members at Franklin School:
           "I thought the concert was great.  The songs really connected with what we are trying
to teach and you had a relaxed yet in charge manner with the kids."
Nancy Archanski, librarian

           "My students were so happy when we got back to the classroom.  They loved
your performance as did the staff with-in my setting. Thank you for everything
you do and share.  You open up the world of music for many children
-Marijo Varney, Intermediate CLC class

“You presented a program that was both highly informative and extremely entertaining.
You have a real gift for sharing your musical talents with children.
I was particularly
impressed with your ability to keep the interest of the children, get them involved in the
music and keep the group well in control - all at them same time. I look forward to having
you at our school again in the future.”
- Pat Reuter, prin. Dessau Elem. Pflugerville, TX

"I thought your show was outstanding. It was very much family oriented and appropriately
geared towards our young audience. You were easily able to command the attention of the
audience through positive sing-alongs and group participation. Excellent HopStop!" 

-Erica Ligeski, Arts Educa. Coordinator, Hopkins Center for the Arts, Dartmouth College, NH

"The students enjoyed the interactive program presented for Children's
Literacy Week.  Thank you so much for involving them in your  music. 
The songs were easy to learn, active, repetitive enough for our First  Grade,
and engaging enough for our Second Graders.  Thank you so much for  involving a
few of us [the teachers], too."
–Sharie Stelzel, Tchr, Sivells Elementary, Wharton, TX

 And from another staff member at Sivells:
"Your program was great.  I like a new person coming in and encouraging reading. 
I'm the music teacher here and I appreciated your use of instruments and your
explanations about them."
- Pat Herring

"Kids loved you at all three schools,  as did all the grownups I've talked to also. 

More soon!  Thanks again. "
- Deb Morris,  Music teacher, Cannon Beach Elem, Oregon

"Another wonderful four days with you. You do amazing things with children -
thankyou SO MUCH for everything!”
  - Lynda Tallarico, Head Teacher, N. Walpole (NH) Elem      
And from another staff member at N. Walpole Elem:

"Thank you for bringing 'sunshine' to all of our staff and students and
the community."
- J.Bellows

"There was a lot of excitement involved with the kids being able to make their own
 instruments in music class. The best part was the experience did not end there.
Many parents have come up to me since to say how much fun their kids are
still having
playing their instruments at home."
- Nicole McDaniel, Music teacher, St. Andrew’s Elem, Austin, TX

"Thank you again for such a fun time at our school. The kids are still buzzing
about their instruments that they made, and Mr. Flagg [the principal] really
enjoyed his instruments too.  He is actually quite good at them!"
Karen Meredith, Boscawen Elementary, NH   

And from another staff member at Boscawen Elem:

        "Excellent assembly! Great with kids. Enjoyed by all!" - Betty N.


"You are full of so many wonderful ideas and have so much to offer. And you do what
you do with such enthusiasm and do it so well!"
- Marilyn Coffin, past-pres. NH Art Educator’s Assoc, Spring Workshop

Once again your workshop was the hit of the Teachers’ Program.....
You combine elements the way teachers must in classroom settings.....

(T)he process you set up encourages creativity.....[and]
variety of skills and
information ....
Those of us responsible for the design of the Teachers’ Professional
Development Program have special appreciation for the workshops you provide......
(T)hankyou for your continuing service to the community"
- Stuart Vexler, PhD., Chairman, Board of Directors,
TX Folk Music Foundation/Kerrville Folk Festival



 "(Purly) performed recently at the Childrens Museum of Northern Nevada.
It was a pleasure to have her. Our customers range in age from newborn to 5 yrs old.
I was so impressed with the way Purly
adjusted her performance to accommodate
her audience. She varied her activities from group participation to movement and song. 
During her performance, families came and others left. She managed this transition with
great ease and never missed a beat. I would highly recommend her!
Thank you Purly for joining us
in our True Grit celebration (to which she also fashioned a song!). Happy Trails!"

~ Executive Director, Beth Ellis, the Children's Museum of Northern Nevada

"Purly Gates is a children’s singer/songwriter of great caliber.....a down-to-earth
folk musician, with fun yet intelligent words.... She also plays (other folk and) really
cool hand-made instruments
that sparked the interest in children as well as the
adults.....she interacted with the audience and made them feel part of the show....."
Lisa Ortega, Education Specialist, the Children’s Museum of Memphis, TN

“Her sparkling sense of fun and humor comes through... engaging and witty songs...
very genuine, highly entertaining... she even captivated the adults in the group too.”

- Peggy Horowitz, Austin (TX) Children’s Museum

"Purly, we are so glad you came! You are definitely the best entertainer who's
come to our school in a very long time!"
-Melanie Bowen, Librarian, Carl Schurz Elem, New Braunfels, TX

"I have gotten rave reviews! Everyone loved your show!"
~ Cheryl Schramm, Librarian, West Library, Industry, TX

You were wonderful! I love the way you mix old folksongs and original tunes.
The different instruments you play and the little bits of history you throw in to your act
make it unique. We all loved the dancing stick man and the word game that went with
him this year. I like acts that entertain and educate, and you fit the bill beautifully.
Thanks once again for a fantastic performance!”
-Jane Sheaffer, Children’s Entertainment, TX Book Fest

Thank you so much for presenting such a terrific program! Your performance was
really impressive and tremendously entertaining!  I have heard nothing but positive
comments from children and adults who attended. You are truly a seasoned, skilled
performer, and your strong stage presence was captivating
.  I cannot tell you how
pleased I was with your program and the audience's reaction to it. I will be certain to give your
talents a hearty recommendation to other librarians and teachers!” -
Ellysa Cahoy, Librarian  Laconia, NH

"Thanks so much for your talent, patience, and fairness in dealing with us and
presenting such quality programs for the children of Austin! I look forward to
working with you again.”-
Anita Joye Rizley/Youth Program Coordinator / Austin, TX Public Library

"Great for all ages!"
-a parent, Kihei Library, Maui, Hawaii
 And from other parents at Wailuku Library, Maui:
    "This was good wholesome entertainment. .........."
    "Really enjoyed the music, songs, and stories, my children loved Purly".
    "Liked the history".
    "Excellent incorporation of various instruments, song, and storytelling".
    "The program was AWESOME. My kids love singing along with Purly.  We hope
to see more programs like this in the near future".
    "Great for our three year old.  He loved it".
    "It was so good I could sit much longer and listen to Purly.... a very pleasant program".

What was especially remarkable was the ease with which Purly made so normally
unresponsive  an audience respond to her and her music.” 
- Andrea Tarr, Librarian  / Claremont, NH

Purly Gates’ presentation was terrific! The children were actively involved from the start
and she even designed the program to reflect our summer reading theme. Her show included a
wide variety of musical styles, many interesting instruments and thought-provoking lyrics.
The adults enjoyed it as much as the children.”
-Kathy Chadsey, Children’s Librarian/ Tillamook County Library, OR

“...extremely satisfying... Purly’s songs were well chosen & interesting.
Her manner with the children was very good. She had them involved immediately.

- Marilyn Iarusso/Children’s Services , NY Public Library, New York, NY



Purly Gates is a musician, storyteller, community builder, educator, peace maker and
environmental advocate all in one.
Purly captured the attention of all campers through
her fun & educational approach to instrument making. Her engaging style electrified campers
and parents alike during Family Night.” -Susan Fortier, Camp Director, YMCA, Bellows Falls, VT

“....the moment she started her show, our kids were in AWE...they loved the concert
and they loved Purly!!! She’s talented, energetic and full of surprises!

-Jody Wyffels, Programs Director, YMCA of Austin, TX

"Our naturalist said you were a big hit and did a really great job. He especially loved how
you got the audience involved.
If you are planning an Oregon tour again next summer do
let us know!"  -Elisabeth Neely, Portland (Oregon) Metro Parks & Green Spaces/Oxbow Park

“Purly is such a pro - a great entertainer and musician. She really knows how to entertain
a crowd. Catchy tunes, fun lyrics, and a twinkle in her eye. She's got comfort food for your ears!
Our concert on the common had children dancing, adults singing along, and smiles all around.”
- Mary Lou O’Neil, Entertainment committee, Hancock, NH Summer Concert Series
"People thoroughly enjoyed Purly's easy style and creative participatory music
Her nature themes were a perfect fit for our environmental center:

a love of trees, clean water, diversity and wildlife. We can't wait to have her back 
next year."
- Celeste Philbrick Bar, Education Director, Beaver Brook Association, Hollis, N.H.

High energy performance...It was such fun and perfect for the folks.” 
Penny Gill, NE Center for Outdoor Education

Her songs are fun, interactive and relevant.” - 8th Annual Children and The Arts Festival, Peterborough, NH



“This may be the ultimate in hands-on workshops Stuart Vexler, PhD, Chairman, Board of Directors,
TX Folk Music Foundation/Kerrville Professional Development Program for Teachers [re: Instrument-Making for the Classroom workshop]

Purly Gates has been a performer for four years straight at Shanghai Days Cowboy
Gathering in Wharton, Texas. She dresses the part, plays some mean banjo, guitar and
does vocals. She's a regular Calamity Jane reincarnate, only a lot more talented.
She's professional, dependable and she's a hoot. -Doc Blakely, Promoter

Your talents and energy were much appreciated by all, not only in performance but
in making the whole festival click and doing your part to make the sloop community work
so well amidst the craziness of this event.” - Steve Stanne, Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, Pumpkin Sail


"Great reviews from the boys!  The kiddoes really enjoyed the workshop and have been
playing their instruments at every opportunity.  Thanks so very much for the workshop - 
Let us know when you are back in the area and perhaps we can have that drum workshop.."
Janice Kennemer, Hill Country CMHMR Center, Kerrville, TX/ Texas Heritage Music Foundation Summer Arts Program

"Great job Purly, thanks lots! We all had a lot of fun, we learned a lot and I have a
bunch of new projects that I can do with my kids.
" - Andrew Raeside, Art/Music Teacher/
Residency Coordinator, Spaulding Youth
Center, Tilton, NH

"Our residents had such a great time when you came to play for us.  We would love for you
to come back." 
- Jennifer Krawczyk, Activities Coordinator, Marbridge Villa, Manchac TX

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"I would teach children music, physics and philosophy; but most importantly music, for the
patterns of music and all the arts are the keys of learning"
- Plato