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The Virtual Museum of Music Inventions 

The Crafty Music Teacher's Page 

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Violin Making, Dulcimer Making, Mandolin Building, Drum Making! 

Musical Craft Projects,making musical instruments 

         Homemade Musical Instruments for Kids

How to Make Musical Instruments for Kids

9 Easy-to-Make Musical Instruments

Music Crafts and Making Instruments

A to Z Home's Homemade Instruments

How to Make Musical Instruments for Kids - VIDEOS

Wonderful resource for instrument making and playing, fiddle tune archive, etc.


I've looked through a few of the following books, and thought they were very helpful or inspirational. They all seem
mighty interesting....you might want to check 'em out!
Some are geared to young children and others are suitable for adults.
And they range from the beginner instrument maker to the highly experienced. Most of these books are available at
www.amazon.com except where specified otherwise.


Reinhold Banek & Jon Scoville, Sound Designs - A Handbook of Musical Instrument Building($11.95) 
      If you dance to the beat of a different drum, SOUND DESIGNS will teach you  how to build truly unique musical
instruments, including oil drum gongs, thumb pianos, cowbells, tube drums, and willow whistles. Sources for these
and many other designs are drawn from cultures world wide - from the Stone Age to the  Space Age. The necessary
materials can be purchased easily, or simply found in  nature or a junkyard.

Banta, Christopher C. The Bass Marimba: A Guide to Instrument Design and  Fabrication.

Cline, Dallas. How to Play Nearly Everything from Bones to Spoons to the  Washtub Bass.

Cline, Dallas. Homemade Instruments.

Cotton, Maggie. Agogo Bells to Xylophone: A Friendly Guide to Classroom  Percussion Instruments.

Fletcher, Neville and Thomas D. Rossing. Physics of Musical Instruments.

Hopkin, Bart and Deborah Morganthal. Making Simple Musical Instruments: a Melodious Collection of Strings, Winds, Drums and More.

Hopkin, Bart  /Forward by Tom Waits. Gravikords, Whirlies & Pyrophones  - Experimental Musical Instruments
(with CD; $29.95)
  See the Trigon Incartor! Hear the Aquavina! Marvel at the 25 foot tall Bass Harp! 
 Be astounded by the Theremin and the Buchla 400! Wonder at the Photon Clarinet; Be stupified by Water, Spice & Whiffle Flutes!

Hopkin, Bart  Musical Instrument Design - Practical Information for Instrument Making 
                 This encyclopedic, extensively illustrated book provides the  information necessary to explore the world of musical
instrument design and construction. While newcomers will appreciate its practical, hands-on approach and friendly tone,
those with an established interest in instrument design and construction will  find it equally valuable, because no other
single resource contains the theoretical and practical information found in this book.

Madin, Jon. Marimba Music for Little Kids. 
                  A fun collection of pieces suitable for the earlier grades. It is available in the States from John's Music,
(http://www.johnsmusic.com) in Seattle. Phone 1(800) 473-5194.

Madin, Jon. Make Your Own Marimbas. 
                  This book contains instructions for building two different 3 1/2 octave marimbas and a bass marimba, as well as a
mini-marimba with a range of 13  notes. Written in Australia, it contains clear and concise information, instructive  diagrams and
photographs, with a well-thought-through approach. It was a great  guide for our efforts as novice marimba builders. It is available
in the States from  John's Music, (http://www.johnsmusic.com) in Seattle. Phone 1(800) 473-5194.

Madin, Jon. Make Your Own Wacky Instrument 
                   Another great book by Jon Madin, this gives complete instructions for building all  sorts  of unusual instruments that
will catch the kids' fancy. Includes instructions for building J-Pipes, Boing Pipes,Street Parade Band Instruments, Drums, Rubber 
Glove Instruments, Cone Instruments, Aluminum Tube, assorted Metal  Instruments, and more. What  fun! (www.johnsmusic.com)

Bernard S. Mason,  How to Make Drums, Tomtoms & Rattles / Primitive  Percussion Instruments for Modern Use ($6.95) 
                 Drums to have fun with, drums with magical powers, dance drums, tomtoms.  Water drums--just about any type of drum
you could wish to know about or make  is described in this book by Bernard S. Mason, well-known crafts instructor and
authority in Indians. Complete, thorough directions for making each  of the various drums are given, and you may be surprised to
note that many can  be constructed from such simple, everyday materials as wooden kegs, flower  pots, coffee cans, buckets, old
inner tubes and airplane cloth. Also such drum  related articles as drumsticks  and many different kinds of rattles are described with
 additional instructions on how  to make them.

Melick, Brian. Percussion Instruments Made Out Of Found Objects ($19.95)

Pierce, John Robinson. The Science of Musical Sound.

Alex Sabbeth, Rubber-Band Banjos and a Java  Jive Bass - Projects & Activities  on the Science of Music & Sound  ($12.95) 
                 Step-by-step instructions and  illustrations guide you through dozens of projects and experiments. From a French horn
made from a shower hose to a xylophone made from an egg carton and some household wrenches, Rubber-Band Banjos and a Java
Jive Bass makes you part of the coolest band in town!

Sebba, Jane. Ring A Ding Ding: Simple Ideas for Tuned Percussion In the Classroom.

Ginger Summit and Jim Widess, Making Gourd Musical Instruments ($27.95) 
                  Over 60 string, wind & percussion instruments & how to play them. Detailed instructions for making & playing
over 60 string, wind & percussion hosho rattles, uli' uli, caxixi, shekere, guiro, mbira, xylophones, drums, berimbau, lyres &
harps, lutes & fiddles, banjo, guitar, flutes, horns, reed aerophones, & more!  (www.caning.com)

Turner,  Jessica Baron  and  Ronny Susan Schiff . Let's Make Music An Interactive  Musical Trip Around The World ($14.95) 
                   Sing and play songs from around the world. Create instruments from 10 different countries using recycled materials.

Waring, Dennis. Making Wood Folk Instruments. (west)

Waring, Dennis. Cool Cardboard Instruments to Make & Play ($19.95)  Make guitars, lutes, zithers, harps, lyres, drums
and versions of other common & unusual instruments from cardboard, wood, and other materials.

Waring, Dennis. Great Folk Instruments to Make & Play. $14.95 
                   Build over 50 folk instruments to shake, rattle, pluck, and bang! Many of the projects are simple to construct,
using not only traditional materials such as wood,   gourds, and bamboo, but everyday objects you probably have on hand and are 
readily available, from tin cans to PVC pipes.

Williams, Jim. The Guitar Maker's Manual. 

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