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  Singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Purly Gates brings decades of experience performing for children, a well-stuffed songbag, and an ample supply of renewable energy to her shows. She was the recipient of National Endowment for the Arts funding for residency work in elementary schools in Micronesia. DisneyWorld flew her in for an Earth Day concert.
Purly's given performances from Boston to Austin, Florida to Oregon, Hawaii and across the Pacific to Hawaii and Micronesia. In Texas, she appeared on the Children’s stage at the Kerrville Folk Festival and as faculty at the Kerrville Music Foundation’s Professional Development
Workshops for Teachers. A former classroom teacher (3rd grade) and music teacher (K-8), Purly was commissioned by the Texas State Library to write the theme song for their statewide Summer 2004 Reading program. Scroll down for the link to hear the song.

  I CAN READ   is a lively, up-beat Celebration of Reading for preK-5th graders.
  The audience is positively engaged during the entire program - with singing along, clapping, hand motions,
  verbal “filling-in-the-blanks” and some on-stage assistance from children and adults alike playing percussion!
  Purly plays guitar, ukulele, accordion, harmonica..... and some unique instrumental surprises, as well!
  And of course, Limber"Jack", the little wooden dancing man, will provide toe-tapping rhythmn for at
  least one song. He’s a sure-fire hit!

 There are songs celebrating the joys and benefits of reading; songs about the library; songs based on
  folktales and current children’s books, songs to enhance literacy skills and even a song based on the
  6-trait writing method, with great tips for how to write a good story.
  Purly's title song "I Can Read" was commissioned by the Texas State Library as their Theme Song
  for the statewide 'Summer '04 Reading Club'. It's sung in the program in both English and Spanish
       For a listen to the English version, visit the TX State Library website:        

      For a listen to the Spanish version, visit the TX State Library website:

  The literacy program includes other great original songs too, such as:
                          Click here:    "I'm Gonna Get It (From a Book)" ....for a listen
     Click here:     "Read a Book....on the Wild Side"....for a listen                        
                          Click here:   
"Dr. Seuss Was Smart" .... for a listen   
                          Click here:   
"Reading - the Sport of Champions" .... for a listen                                
plus other songs, such as:                  
                     "Check Out Some Books to Read"
(lyrics by Purly Gates)
                     "I Like to Read a Mystery"
(by Purly Gates)
                     "I'm Gonna Write a Story"
(based on the 6-trait writing method)
                              "Brown Bear, Brown Bear"
(Lyrics by Bill Martin, Jr/ Music by Purly Gates)
                              "Had an Old Coat" (a musical parallel to 'Joseph Had a Little Overcoat')
                              "O-W-N-E-Y" ( based on 'A Small Dog's Big Journey - Around the World with Owney' for the older grades)
                                                       "Apples and Bananas"  (a playful exploration of changing vowel sounds in words)

 *** Specific program content is always adapted to be appropriate for the grade-level(s).

 PROGRAM LENGTH: 30-35 min. for preK-2nd grade / 40-45 min. for 3rd-5th grade             
 [There is a limit of 250 students per show]

 FEES start at $300/1 show;  $450/2 shows; add $100 for each additional show.
[Fees valid through June 2013]
 Discounts are available for block-bookings. If you are within 50 miles of the home base, there is no travel charge.
 A lodging fee may apply for bookings more than 100 miles from the home base.

 Please call or email for availability and scheduling.
 For more information on Purly’s Residencies, Workshops and wide range of Themed Assembly Programs, ie:
 Diversity, Self-Esteem, the Environment, Western - check out  Youth/Family Programs.

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