the Famous Woman Scout of the Wild West

and Heroine of a Thousand Thrilling Adventures!!

Get ready to travel back in time to meet the late 1800's version of Calamity Jane.
Hear for yourself the outrageous stories ole Marthy Jane herself used to tell,
like how she got her name - "Calamity" Jane - or about the time
she and Wild Bill met up with a preacher.
With careful attention to historical detail, character, clothing and
Purly Gates will bring Calamity Jane to life at your event, confabulation or gathering.

Whether mingling with the crowd or as a featured performer,
Calam is as
attention-catching and entertaining as ever.
And educational to boot!
"Purly Gates has portrayed the famous 'wild west' figure Calamity Jane at our event.
She is exceptionally talented and realistic in her portrayal. She manages to impart correct
historical facts and information about a person who is engulfed in myth and legend.
(H)er portrayal is interesting and amusing, holds the attention of both adults and young people,
and adds a great deal to the success of our festival. I can highly recommend her
both as a performer and as a delightful personality." - Patrick B. Nolan, Ph.D., Museum Director,
Sam Houston Museum,
Huntsville, TX

                                                                                                                                          photo by E. Barron, 2009

"Purly Gates has been a performer for four years straight at
Shanghai Days Cowboy Gathering in Wharton, Texas.
She's a regular Calamity Jane reincarnate, only a lot more talented.
She's professional, dependable and she's a hoot." -Doc Blakely, Promoter

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