Purly Gates Promo Photos, Poster Blanks and More Gig Pics

There are differently sized, downloadable images on this page
                which can be captured and used for publicity - as well as poster
                options which you can download and fill in with performance details.

          86kb / 377 pixels (w) x 273 pixels (h)

              244kb/ Resolution: 300 / pixel dimensions: 555 (w) x 581(h)  / Photo: J. Barger

              300kb / 8.5"x11"/ Photo: J. Barger

           1.2MB / 630 pixels (w) x 472 pixels (h)

                                                                                                               Photo: Elliot Trester


                                        Photo: D. Gale

                        Photo: D. Gale
                     At Sierra Vista, AZ; Cochise Cowboy Poetry and Music Gathering 2009; School Outreach Program

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