Whether you hire Purly solo, the duo or the trio - you're in for a treat! There's lively Traditional
            Fiddle music, early Jazz & Swing from the 1930's-40's, Western Swing (ala Bob Wills),
            Old Cowboy songs, Original tunes plus Contemporary & Traditional American folk.
            Instrumentation varies throughout the set, with fiddle, mandolin, acoustic guitar, 5-string
            banjo, accordion and upright bass. It's perky and fun, foot-tapping music, for front-and-center
            entertainment - or for background music. Some of the music is danceable.
songs feature vocals, while others are purely instrumental. And if requested, we can
            get folks up on their feet and teach 'em a simple square dance - a good, old-fashioned way
            to get a crowd mingling!

            Purly has performed solo for more than 3 decades, and has a lot of experience enter-
            taining family audiences! She knows many songs that are well-suited to the youngsters
            in a crowd. So the music - whether solo, duo or trio - is always appropriate for ALL ages.
            Mainly a guitarist, Purly also plays accordion, banjo, uke and harmonica to
            back up her vocals in solo shows.
And s
he usually brings along "Jack" - a traditional,
            wooden dancing puppet that dates back to pioneer times. The limberjack was often
            the only toy a child had back in those days, and it's truly a piece of American History!
            This joyful, percussive addition from Purly's 'bag of tricks' is quite unique - and a
with all ages.

            More engaging entertainment options available:
            Wandering Minstrel &/or Campfire Sing-Along;
            Portrayal of the legendary Wild West character Calamity Jane;
            Hands-on Workshops for Kids age 6-96, making simple instruments from unusual or
            recycled materials*
;  Special pricing by request, after discussing details.

        FEES start at:
             Solo........  1,  45-minute set for   $200 and up (Purly on vocals, guitar, banjo, uke, accordion and harmonica)*
            Duo........   1, 45-minute set for   $375 and up (Purly + fiddle or mandolin )*
            Trio.........   1, 45-minute set for   $500 and up (Purly + fiddle &/or mandolin, guitar, bass)
                                                *ADDITIONAL SETS ARE AVAILABLE FOR $100-150 EXTRA PER SET;
                                                  FEES DO NOT INCLUDE COST OF BRINGING A PA SYSTEM

            SONG SAMPLES

            Click HERE for a demo of these four short song segments all in one mp3 file.
            [Total time 2:39]

                                    Soldier's Joy (traditional w. fiddle, guitar, bass)
                                    Wahoo (swing - 30's cowboy film song w. vocals, guitar.fiddle)
                                    Over the Waterfall (traditional w. banjo, fiddle, bass)
                                    Dustin' Off My Heart for You (©2010, P.Gates  w. vocal, guitar, fiddle)



            "Purly is such a pro - a great entertainer and musician. She really knows how to
            entertain a crowd. Catchy tunes, fun lyrics and a twinkle in her eye. She's got
            comfort food for your ears! Our concert on the common had children dancing,
            adults singing along and smiles all around."
- Mary Lou O’Neil, Coordinator, Hancock, NH Summer Concerts

            "Purly Gates has been a performer for four years straight at Shanghai Days Cowboy
            Gathering in Wharton, Texas. She dresses the part, plays some mean banjo, guitar
            and does vocals. She's a regular Calamity Jane reincarnate, only a lot more
She's professional, dependable and she's a hoot. -Doc Blakely, Promoter, Wharton, TX

              "Purly Gates .....a down-to-earth folk musician, with fun yet intelligent words....
             She also plays really cool hand-made instruments that sparked the interest in
             children as well as the adults.....she interacted with the audience and made them
             feel part of the show....." 
-Lisa Ortega, Education Specialist, the Children’s Museum of Memphis, TN

              * “This may be the ultimate in hands-on workshops
- Stuart Vexler, PhD, Chairman,
                   Board of Directors, TX Folk Music Foundation/Kerrville Folk Festival [re: Instrument-Making workshop]
the website Bio/Quotes page for more comments from presenters.


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